Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Judging from the overwhelming number of comments, the details of my life outside of shedding pounds and running to nowhere are of little interest to the folks who frequent the MegaChallenge. There would have been a time I would have chosen one of two courses: stopped talking about my life or to have taken it personally and moped for a week.

Well, this isn't that time.

I really have nothing to report in the fitness quest. I have maintained a 152.5 lb weight for two weeks. Not exactly stellar if you are trying to weigh less than that - but not a bad effort when you are close to maintenance.

In divorce news, I meet with my attorney tomorrow afternoon. In some ways it can't come quickly enough. In others, it feels like it is all blazing by faster than I can process it all.


Anonymous said...

Hi -- I think for your height, your weight is probably optimal. Isn't your BMI in the right zone now?
As for your divorce, I think your writing has been quite lyrical about it. I imagine it's tougher than you make it sound. Good luck.

NotCarrie said...

Ha, congrats on weight loss!