Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Playing With My Food...

I really love to eat. The sad thing is that I rarely take the time to eat something that is really yummy, but manage to overeat stuff that barely registers on the food radar. Why is that?

Oh, oh, wait! I know!

In my family, we have this strange value system that says, "If you enjoy it, then it isn't work, and it doesn't count." Suffering is highly prized. I come from a long line of martyrs.

Hold on, there is a point, here.

So, if I eat something that I don't enjoy, then I am not getting off easy. It doesn't count against my martyr points. So, if I deny myself the Penne Gorgonzola and eat a bowl of cereal, even though the calorie counts might be similar, I am "working" by suffering through the cereal. Working = value. Cereal = increased value. Penne = pleasure = lower value. So, as long as I don't enjoy the food it doesn't count against me - even if it is not healthy or nutritious.

Ick! I don't want to do the martyr bit.

I knew looking at the food was going to be a hard part of this whole challenge.

Soap Box of the Day: I am too tired to rant right now. I am so tired that I think I will simply curl up on the soap box and take a nap. Wake me when all is right with the world. Well, okay, then wake me up when the laundry is all put away.


Allan said...

Gina, I think you need a hug. I read the response to my blog and I have to tell you, I was never miserable being overweight. Envious of thin folks yes, but never really miserable. I will always be one of us, not them, because I am an addict.
By the by, thin people cant relate to us, so f that. Thanks again for the support, it means so much to me.

Allan said...

In retrospect, I dont mind being a little smug. Anyone say Vegas ??